Taxes and Spending:

Lisa believes our state and local governments need to follow the example of Nevada households like yours, and live within their means, because when state and local officials fail to do so, you pay the price. Lisa does not support legislation that will raise your taxes, but she will be a strong advocate for more efficient spending and smarter business practices that save taxpayer dollars. Lisa will bring the best management practices of the private sector to Nevada’s state government so that our state can accomplish more while consuming fewer dollars.


Lisa is a strong advocate for education and will bring years of experience in education to the Nevada Legislature. She is a college instructor, who teaches courses on Political Science and the U.S. and NV Constitution at Truckee Meadows Community College. Prior to teaching at TMCC she taught at the University of Phoenix for six years. She is a former member of the State of Nevada PTA  Board of Directors. She has worked with community members on legislation that affects our schools and children. Lisa will draw on this extensive background to provide better educational opportunities for all of our children. She applauds the Legislature’s recent decisions to increase accountability over public education by giving parents additional “choice” through the expansion of charter schools, the creation of Education Savings Account Vouchers, and Opportunity Scholarships. She will fight to protect and build upon these school choice reforms by ensuring that every child has access to a highly effective teacher and that these teachers are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding skills.

Economy and Job Creation:

Entrepreneurs and small businesses create jobs. State and local governments can either create an environment where these efforts can be successful, or they can become a hindrance to these efforts. Lisa supports small businesses and understands the challenges faced by small business owners. She pledges to improve the environment for growth and job creation in the Silver State. It is critical that Nevada’s tax and regulatory environment become less hostile to small businesses if the state is to experience long-term recovery and economic diversification. Unnecessary licensing laws and other restrictions increase the barriers to entry for small businesses and limit the dynamism of Nevada’s economy. Like nearly 80 percent of Nevada voters, Lisa opposed the Margin Tax (a gross receipts tax) during the 2014 election. She also opposed the 2015 Legislature’s decision to impose more than $1 billion in new taxes on Nevadans despite the vote of the people against these tax increases.

Transparency in Government:

If we Nevadans are to preserve our rights and liberties and the prosperity afforded us by a free-market economy, we must be vigilant in watching our politicians. We must arm ourselves with information and knowledge, continually strive for more transparency in government, and at all times hold our elected officials accountable.

Public Safety:

Protection of people and property is a central purpose of government and preserving the rule of law is critical to the functioning and success of a market economy. Lisa believes it is vital that Nevadans benefit from the best police and fire protection possible, to keep our community safe. This means offering a fair, but attractive compensation plan for public safety personnel that is highly competitive with what is found in other locales and encourages highly skilled and reputable officers to choose Nevada as their home.

Senior Citizens:

Lisa cares about the health, safety , and well-being of senior citizens in our state. She is a former Commissioner on State of Nevada Commission on Aging for our Senior Citizens. Lisa believes that protecting Social Security for our seniors is an important issue. America’s senior citizens have worked hard for their retirement. Social Security is a promise that must be kept.


It is important that we fulfill our commitments to the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the United States military, all of whom sacrifice dearly to protect our country and keep us safe. Our Veterans deserve to receive the benefits they were promised. Lisa will continue to work with veterans groups to find solutions to the issues that veterans face today, and support legislation that will help veterans to achieve their goals in the future.

2nd Amendment:

Lisa is a strong supporter of your 2nd Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. She received an “A” rating from the NRA.  She also received an “A” rating from the Nevada Firearms Coalition.


Children are our State and Country’s most precious resource, but they often lack the skills to protect themselves. It is our responsibility, as parents, teachers and Legislators to keep children safe. Lisa is the proud Primary Sponsor of AB145 -Extends The Statute of Limitations For Child Victims Of Sexual Abuse- in the 2017 NV Legislative Session. Lisa conceived the idea and wrote the Bill Draft Request in 2016 after seeing so many cases reported in the news about the USA girls gymnasts being sexually abused by their coaches as children, and only after 20 years, did 365 grown women finally have the courage to come forward and testify about what had happened to them as children. Although Lisa is the Primary Sponsor of AB 145 , she later invited other NV Legislators from both political parties, to join her as Co-Sponsors of the Bill . AB 145 unanimously passed out of the entire Assembly and the Senate and was signed into law by Governor Sandoval in June 2017. Lisa is proud to sponsor AB145- a non-partisan Bill for all citizens.